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Welcome to Bahawalpur City

history of Bahawalpur


Established in 1748, Bahawalpur was the capital of the previous August territory of Bahaman Abad, controlled by the Abbasi group of Nawabs until 1955. The Nawabs left a rich engineering inheritance, and Bahaman Abad is presently known for its landmarks dating from that period. I’d never heard of it either until I started researching lesser-known historical places in South Asia. Turns out Bahawalpur was its own independent kingdom for over 200 years, located right in the heart of modern-day Pakistan. Its history is a fascinating glimpse into a lost world of royalty, culture, and tradition.

Gulbahar Bano:

Gulbahar Bano, brought into the world in 1963, remains a recognized Pakistani ghazal vocalist, whose captivating voice made a permanent imprint on the music scene from the 70s to the mid-80s. Her melodic excursion is a demonstration of the immortal excellence of ghazals, and in this investigation, we dive into the complexities of her life and vocation.After international outcry, Gulbahar was released in 2019 but lives under heavy surveillance. Her art now features prominently in shows highlighting oppression – moving audiences with their quiet defiance. Though her community suffers, Gulbahar vows to use her talents to spread truth. Hers is a story of the resilience of the human spirit that gives me hope, even in our darkest hours.

Gulbahar Bano in Bahawalpur
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Famous Foods in Bahaman Abad

Oh man, do I have some good food recommendations for you folks visiting the beautiful islands of the Bahamas! As someone who spends part of each winter down in the Bahamas escaping the cold, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to sample the local cuisine. And let me tell you – these islands sure know how to cook up some tasty meals. so don’t leave without trying it! 

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Famous Places in Bahawalpur:

Bahaman Abad Museum:

The Bahawalpur Historical Center stands as a social signal, saving the legacy of this old city. Lodging a striking assortment of curios, original copies, and verifiable relics, the exhibition hall portrays the story of Bahawalpur's development through the ages. Guests are moved through time as they investigate displays that grandstand the locale's creative, structural, and anthropological legacy . The museum also had a small display on the architecture of the mansion itself.  I learned that the home incorporated elements from both European and Middle Eastern design sensibilities as a result of the family's travels.

Tomb of Javindi Bibi:

Settled in the core of Bahaman Abad, the Burial chamber of Javindi Bibi remains a demonstration of profound serenity and building beauty. Encircled by lavish nurseries, this consecrated catacomb honors a venerated holy person. Travelers and vacationers have the same track-down comfort in a peaceful environment, where complex Islamic creativity embellishes the walls, mirroring the social combination that characterizes Bahaman Abad. The burial place's structural wonder and the profound vibe make it a must-visit objective for those looking for a snapshot of examination amid the city's clamoring energy.

Derawar Fort:

Ascending from the Cholistan Desert, Derawar Post remains an overwhelming image of Bahawalpur's glory. This exceptionally old post, with its enormous walls and superb pinnacles, transports guests to a time of gallantry and lofty quality. The stronghold's essential area offers stunning all-encompassing perspectives on the encompassing desert, making a feeling of stunningness and marvel. As the sentinel of Bahawalpur's set of experiences, Derawar Stronghold welcomes wayfarers to navigate its old passages and disentangle the stories of victories and courage that reverberate through its antiquated stones.

Bahawalpur Museum


Tomb of Javindi Bibi


Derawar fort


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