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Welcome to Daska city a place where time seems to slow down, a place where time seems to decelerate down, and every corner holds a story staying to be discovered.

gurdwaras of Daska


Gurdwaras hold an extraordinary spot in the hearts of networks, going about as otherworldly and social focuses that encourage solidarity and concordance. settled in the rich social embroidery of Pakistan, brags an assortment Gurdwaras that tell stories of history, versatility, and collective bonds.

Abandoned Mansions of Daska:

A town rich in history and mystique, hides within its borders abandoned mansions that stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era. 

Ghartal Near Daska
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Famous Foods

 Nestled in the heart of Punjab, emerges not only as a city steeped in history but also as a culinary haven with a vibrant shade of flavors.

Other Famous Places: Daska City


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