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Welcome to Peshawar City

Peshawar city

History of Peshawar city:

Peshawar’s city History, formerly known as Puruṣapura, stands as a testament to the eclipse and inflow of history on the Gandhara Plains. Its rootsrooted in the artistic sphere of ancient Indiatrace back to 100 CE. This megacity, potentially named after the Hindu sovereign Purush, surfaced from humble onsets as a small village in the fifth century BCE.

Great man Shahid Afridi life points:

Shahid Afridi brought into the world in 1980 in Khyber Organization to the Afridi clan of Pashtuns, is a helpful figure whose life is well established in the upsides of his kin. Coming from a genealogy of Sufi Pirs, Afridi’s exceptional excursion envelops accomplishments in cricket and an undaunted obligation to social work.

Shahid Afridi

Important and Major Information about City Peshawar:


Postal Code

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1.97 million (2017)




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Best Famous Foods in the Peshawar city:

Many people like many important and delicious things in the Peshawar: There are a few things a below.

Charsi Tikka is Lahore's dynamic nourishment culture where you'll taste heavenly and delicious tikka. We are giving a real taste of Khyber cuisine. Charsi Tikka’’, could be a dynamic nourishment culture where you'll appreciate heavenly and scrumptious tikka, taste. We are givinggenuine taste of Khyber food taking you back to the Namak Mandi(salt advertisement). It could be a of Persian Afghan and Khyber food, which offers clients an assortment of ‘’Traditional Dishes’’ brought together from diverse regions Get intrigued Charsi Tikka is Lahore's dynamic nourishment culture where you'll be able to heavenly and delicious tikka, taste. We are givinggenuine taste of Khyber cooking.

"Shiraz Ronaq Restaurant" on Saddar Street in Lahore. In any case, in the event that this eatery is a neighborhood foundation, it's probably known for its Pakistani food. Cafés in Lahore frequently offer a different scope of conventional dishes, including kebabs, biryanis, and different curries. The feeling and cordiality at Shiraz Ronaq might add to the general eating experience.

One of the best Hotel in Lahore Pakistan is Shiraz Ronaq Hotel or Restaurant which are providing quality fast foods like Pizza, Burger, Chips, Zinger Burger and Sweet. Every famous sweet and things are available in this restaurant.

Burgers hold a basic spot within the culinary scene all around, regularly seen as a quintessential comfort nourishment. They have turned into an picture of cheap nourishment culture and are for the most part well known since of their flexibility and the capacity to require care of distinctive inclinations. An awfully much made burger, whether it's an excellent cheeseburger or a expert creation, can offer a brilliant blend of flavors, surfaces, and smells. Burgers are moreover celebrated for their social point of view, joining together people in a loose and charming devouring encounter. Additionally, the burger trade contributes on a very basic level to the economy, giving open positions and empowering trade. A burger joint, comparable to Boss Burger, seem expect a portion in advertising magnificent and open choices, including to the adjacent nourishment scene and giving a social occasion spot to the neighborhood range.

Nisar Charsi Tikka

Shiraz Ronaq

chief burger

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