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Welcome To Chakwal City

Famous Personalities:

Colonel Muhammad Khan in Chakwal

Colonel Muhammad Khan:

Colonel Muhammad Khan’s process started in the serene town of Balkasar in Chakwal, Pakistan, in 1910. Settled in the provincial appeal of this district, he spent his early stages encompassed by the straightforwardness of town life. Brought into the world as Muhammad Khan, little did the town guess that this youthful soul would proceed to accomplish exceptional accomplishments in both the military and artistic spaces.

Mr. Justice Zia Mehmood Mirza:

Born in 1958 in the vibrant city of Lahore, Mr. Justice Zia Mehmood Mirza’s life has been a testament to the transformative power of education and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. From his early years, he displayed a keen interest in the legal realm, laying the foundation for a distinguished and impactful lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

Former Chief Justices Chakwal famous places
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Famous Foods Things in Chakwal city

Different vibrant and important foods that are more enjoyful in our city.

Famous Places in Chakwal:

Katas Raj Temples:

Katas Raj Sanctuaries are a complex of a few old Hindu sanctuaries arranged close to the town of Katas in the Chakwal region. These sanctuaries date back to the sixth hundred years and are devoted to Master Shiva. The site is famous for its verifiable and strict importance, with a lake in the middle accepted to have legendary starting points. The sanctuaries include unpredictable carvings and compositional subtleties, making them a critical archeological and social site.

Malot Fort:

Malot Stronghold, otherwise called Malot Qila, is a memorable post situated close to the town of Malot in Chakwal. It remains in an essential position giving all-encompassing perspectives on the encompassing scene. The post is accepted to have been developed during the Ghaznavid time frame and has seen different verifiable occasions throughout the long term. The engineering mirrors a mix of various times, displaying the social and verifiable variety of the locale.

Dhok Thalian Dam:

Dhok Thalian Dam is a beautiful repository arranged in the Chakwal region. The dam is encircled by pleasant scenes, offering a tranquil and peaceful climate. It fills in as a well-known sporting spot for local people and guests the same. The quiet waters of the dam joined with the regular excellence of the environmental factors, make Dhok Thalian Dam an optimal objective for picnics and outside exercises.

Katas Raj Temples

Malot Fort

Dhok Thalian Dam Chakwal

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