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Welcome to Vehari District

History of Vehari City

History Of Vehari:

It is a region and Vehari city in the Multan division of Punjab, Pakistan. It is arranged on the eastern bank of the Sutlej Stream and is known for its farming importance. The historical backdrop is entwined with the more extensive authentic and social advancements in the Indian subcontinent.

Waqar Younis:

Waqar Younis, a name synonymous with justice excellence, Waqar Younis has left an unforgettable mark on the sport as a former cricketer, captain, and latterly, as a prominent justice trainerHailing from the region of Vehari in Punjab, Pakistan, Waqar’s trip in the cricketing world is nothing short of inspirational. In this composition, we will claw into the life and career of this cricketing maestro, exploring his early daysplaying career, captaincyguiding part, and the impact he has had on Pakistani justice.

Waqar Younis
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Best and Delicious cuisines Vehari City:

Vehari’s famous cuisines are Katwa Gosht, Maki ki roti, Makhadi Halwa, and many more foods.

Famous Places in Vehari:

Hindu Temple

Bagh Wali Mosque

Vehari University

Vehari, a district with a bunch of encounters as exuberant as its scenes, holds accounts of old municipal foundations, explorer effects, and present-day changes. Researching the authentic background of Vehari loosens up the past as well as uncovers knowledge into the social, money-related, and political progression of the area.

In the records of time, the Vehari area was an onlooker to the climb and fall of out-of-date human advancements. Early inhabitants, with their remarkable lifestyles, laid out the basis for the rich social weaving that describes the region today.

Colleges, Universities, Foods, and Many historical places in the Vehari district.

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