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Welcome to Chiniot City:

History of Chiniot

History of City:

Nestled along the banks of the Chenab River in the heart of Punjab, Pakistan, its origins intertwined with tales of ancient royalty and cultural richness. The history of Chiniot is a captivating narrative that spans centuries, marked by the contributions of diverse civilizations that have left an indelible imprint on its landscape.

Best Personality Nawab Wazir Khan:

Nawab Wazir Khan, famous by his title Wazir Khan, arises as a verifiable figure of importance, having filled in as the Mughal legislative leader of Sirhind in the present-day province of Punjab. His inheritance is set apart by insightful administration and organization, making a permanent imprint on the area between the Sutlej and Yamuna waterways during the peak of the Mughal Domain.

Nawab Wazir Khan

Basic and Major Information about City:



postal code:

dialing code:


278,747 (2017)



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Famous dishes in the Chiniot

Many delicious dishes are very famous in the Chiniot that people more liked.

Famous Places in City:


City Tours

Taj mahal

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