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Welcome to Malpur City

History of Malpur City

History of City:

Settled amid the lavish plant life and peaceful scenes of Islamabad, Malpur demonstrates the city’s rich social legacy and verifiable importance. Arranged off the clamoring Murree Street, Malput isn’t simply one more town; it’s a gold mine of stories, customs, and immortal appeal that entices guests to dig further into its celebrated past.

Awesome Man’s Life Point Raol Shri Gambhirsinhji:

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Awesome Man's Life Point Raol Shri Gambhirsinhji
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Amazing Dishes in Malput District

Every Pakistani as well as Foreign like  foods. Malput food smell is awesome for every personality.

Famous Places in Malpur City:

Japanese Children Park

Bahrain Enclave Zoo

Kachnar Park

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