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Welcome To MY Faisalabad clock tower

Faisalabad Clock Tower

History Of Faisalabad Clock Tower:

Faisalabad Clock Tower‘. The Clock Pinnacles is perhaps one of the most seasoned landmarks remaining in its unique state from the time of the English Raj. It was inherent the focal point of the city by filling an old well. The Clock Pinnacle is privately articulated as “Ghanta Ghar” and that signifies “an hour house” because of the clock introduced in it. The erection of this construction was begun on the fourteenth of November 1903 by the English lieutenant legislative head of Punjab, Sir Charles Riwaz, and the known neighborhood landowner of the Mian group of Abdullahpur. 

History Of Faisalabad Clock Tower:

Faisalabad Kaiseri Gate:

Kaiser Entryway was built in 1897 in recognition of the 60th year of the rule of Sovereign Victoria. It is situated at Roundabout Street and can enter one of the old market passageways, for example, Rail Bazar. The entry is made of built up concrete and painted light yellow and light brown to give it a Mughal design look. The entryway’s unique markings are as yet distinguishable at the top with the name and the development date. The door and the Gumti are situated on Railroad Street, a huge market for washroom furniture and many banks.

Faisalabad Kaiseri Gate

Faisalabad Gumti

Gumti is a little design at Roundabout Street built in 1897. A sculpture of Sovereign Victoria was introduced in the focal point of the Gumti yet after certain long periods of freedom, it was broken. From that point onward, a wellspring was introduced there. The reclamation of Gumti was finished by the Lyallpur Legacy Establishment.

Other Famous Places in Faisalabad:

Company Bagh

Lyallpur Museum

Gatwala Forest Park

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