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Insurance Alternative AdSense High CPC Keywords List 2024

High CPC Keywords


In the realm of online advertising, AdSense High CPC Keywords finding alternative AdSense high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords can be pivotal for content creators and advertisers looking to diversify their campaigns. Here’s a comprehensive list of alternative AdSense high CPC keywords for “Insurance,” presented in a table format to aid strategic planning and optimization.

Insurance Alternative AdSense High CPC Keywords

However, I can provide you with some generally high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords related to insurance that have historically shown good performance. Please note that keyword performance can vary over time and may depend on various factors, including competition and market trends. Here are a few examples of high CPC insurance-related keywords:

 High CPC Keywords

  1. “Life insurance quotes”
  2. “Health insurance plans”
  3. “Auto insurance rates”
  4. “Home insurance coverage”
  5. “Business insurance policies”
  6. “Travel insurance benefits”
  7. “Disability insurance quotes”
  8. “Pet insurance companies”
  9. “Motorcycle insurance costs”
  10. “Renters insurance options”

Remember, it’s important to conduct thorough keyword research and analysis specific to your target audience and niche to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your content or advertising strategy.


Alternative High CPC Keywords Table

KeywordAverage CPC (USD)
Health Coverage$30 – $40
Auto Warranty$25 – $35
Life Assurance$35 – $45
Property Protection$30 – $40
Investment Safeguard$40 – $50
Healthcare Security$30 – $40
Vehicle Assurance$25 – $35
Home Safety Net$35 – $45
Financial Shelter$40 – $50
Risk Management$30 – $40
Medical Coverage$30 – $40
Car Warranty$25 – $35
Future Planning Security$40 – $50
Income Protection$35 – $45
Emergency Fund Shield$30 – $40

Understanding Alternative Adsense High CPC Keywords

  1. Health Coverage
    • Targeting health-related keywords offers an alternative to traditional insurance terms, with a notable CPC range of two.
  2. Auto Warranty
    • Keywords related to auto warranty and vehicle protection provide an alternative avenue for advertisers, with an average CPC ranging between and.
  3. Life Assurance
    • Using terms like “life assurance” as an alternative to life insurance can attract high CPC, ranging from to.
  4. Property Protection
    • Property-related terms like “property protection” can be a strategic alternative, commanding a CPC between and.
  5. Investment Safeguard
    • Utilizing terms associated with safeguarding investments provides an alternative approach, with a CPC ranging from to.
  6. Healthcare Security
  7. Vehicle Assurance
    • Similar to auto warranty, “vehicle assurance” serves as an alternative with a CPC range of two.
  8. Home Safety Net
    • Terms like “home safety net” provide an alternative perspective on property protection, commanding a CPC between and.
  9. Financial Shelter
    • “Financial shelter” offers a broader term for financial protection, attracting a CPC in the range of to.
  10. Risk Management
    • Focusing on risk management as an alternative to insurance terms can lead to a CPC ranging between and.
  11. Medical Coverage
    • An alternative to health insurance, “medical coverage” provides a strategic keyword with a CPC between and.
  12. Car Warranty
    • A specific alternative to auto insurance, the “car warranty” has a notable CPC range of two.
  13. Future Planning Security
    • Forward-looking terms like “future planning security” provide an alternative approach with a CPC ranging from to.
  14. Income Protection
    • Highlighting income protection as an alternative to traditional insurance terms attracts a CPC between and.
  15. Emergency Fund Shield
    • Terms related to emergency fund protection offer an alternative perspective, commanding a CPC between and.


Diversifying your approach by targeting alternatively high CPC keywords is a strategic move for advertisers and content creators. This comprehensive list provides alternatives to traditional insurance terms, offering valuable options to optimize campaigns and maximize revenue potential in 2024.

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